Walnut soup with Malaga cottage cheese, crusty bread and Andalusian sugar cane molasses ice cream

Ingredients & Method (Serves 8)

For the walnut soup: 200 g of sugar; 200 g of cream; 800 g of milk; 200 g of walnuts; 1 cinnamon stick; 1 lemon rind.
Cook everything except the walnuts, infuse, add the walnuts and cook for 20 minutes. Take out the herbs and grind.

For the crusty bread: 1l of mineral water; 500 g of sugar; whole frozen crustless bread.
Make a TPT (tant pour tant” refers to the equal parts of almond flour and powdered sugar that make up the base for madeleines, financiers and macarons). Once cold, paint the sliced ​​bread that has been cut in the cold cut machine and placed on parchment paper.

For the Andalusian sugar cane molasses ice cream: 1,290 g of milk; 208 g of cream; 90 g of milk powder; 40 g of dextrose; 160 g of Andalusian sugar cane molasses; 200 g of sugar; as much stabilizer as required.

Heat the milk and cream and, when it reaches 40 ºC, add the rest of the ingredients. Raise to 85 ºC. Remove and cool, leaving to mature for 24 hours. Turbine.

Other: cottage cheese, atsina and rosemary flower.

Plating: cut a square of cottage cheese and place two slices of crusty bread on both sides as a sandwich. On top of it, a quenelle of Andalusian sugar cane molasses ice cream and on one side cured cheese grated finely with a microplane. Accompany with the walnut soup.

Diego del Río

Malaga chef from Ronda, with extensive culinary training (Le Cordon Bleu, Westminster College). Eight years at the helm of the restaurant El Lago in Marbella, during which time he held a Michelin Star.


Modern, international cuisine adapted to Andalusian flavours. It is committed to quality products. It is located in a hotel of the same name with a very fresh and informal design.