Andalusian sugar cane molasses with mango and frozen orange blossom curd

Ingredients & Method (4 people)

For the sweet Andalusian sugar cane molasses: 165 g of Andalusian sugar cane molasses; 180 g of Water; 25 g of amaretto; 2.5 sheets of hydrated gelatin.
Heat the Andalusian sugar cane molasses until it caramelizes a little and deglaze with the amaretto and the water. When it is deglazed, add the hydrated gelatin sheets and strain. Leave it in a container in the fridge until it gelatinizes.

For the curd ice cream: 500 g of curd; a few drops of orange blossom; 200 g of milk; 100 g of sugar; 50 g of glucose; 1.4 g of stabilizer.
Mix the glucose with the milk, the stabilizer and the sugar and bring to 85º C. Allow to cool and in the Thermomix (blender/mixer) mix the milk and the curd, add the drops of orange blossom and strain. Leave to mature in the chamber for 8 hours and freeze.

For the mango cubes: 1 ripe mango from Axarquia.
Peel the mango and cut into cubes of about 3x3 cm. Reserve the trimmings for the coulis. Reserve the cubes by introducing them into a little mango coulis.

Mango coulis: 100 g of mango trimmings; 40 g of water; 20g of glucose; 15 g of lime.
Blend the mango cuts with the water, glucose and lime juice and cook in a saucepan over low heat. It should have a creamy consistency with a caramelized touch. Strain.

Plating: cut a 10 x 2 cm rectangle from the sweet Andalusian sugar cane molasses and place it on the plate and arrange four dots of mango coulis. Drain and top with the mango cubes in rows and, on top of these, a cylinder of curd ice cream with a 2 cm diameter sleeve.

Israel Ramos

Chef from Jerez. Trained at the Hospitality School of Cadiz. He has worked at the Zortziko and Moralzarzal restaurants, both with 1 Michelin Star. The Farmhouse of the Hotel Hacienda Benazuza 2 Michelin Stars, Tragabuches 1 Michelin Star.


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