Almojábana (small bun) with cachorreña* orange syrup, Andalusian sugar cane molasses and caramelized pistachio

Ingredients (for 50 servings)

For the almojábanas: 3 eggs; 100 g of soft goat cheese; 250 g of flour; 250 cl of water; 100 cl of Extra Virgin olive oil; 1/2 sachet of baking powder; salt and ground cinnamon to suit your taste.
For the orange syrup: 1 l of water; 500 g of sugar; the skin of an orange.
For the caramelised pistachios and Andalusian sugar cane molasses: 100 g of clean pistachios; 100 g of white sugar; 50 g of Andalusian sugar cane molasses.
Other:  as much Andalusian sugar cane molasses as required; cachorreña* orange marmalade and cinnamon powder to suit your taste. *cachorreña is a type of orange from Malaga.


The orange syrup: put the water with the sugar in a saucepan, bring to the boil and grate in the orange peel, set aside and let cool.
The pistachio praline: place all the ingredients at the same time in a non-stick pan until caramelized. Pour onto parchment paper and spread a thin layer with a knife.
The almojábanas: put a saucepan on the heat with the water, the oil and the salt and, when it boils, turn off. Add the flour little by little, incorporating it with a whisk; then add the cheese to the hot dough, let it cool, add the beaten eggs to the dough and mix well. Balls are extracted, flattened like pancakes and baked at 180º for approximately 20 minutes, depending on the size. Transfer them hot to a flat dish, pour the hot syrup over them and let them rest for a day.
Plating: sprinkle the pancakes with cinnamon and, on top, put a spoonful of marmalade, a line of Andalusian sugar cane molasses and finish off with the finely chopped pistachio praline.

Charo Carmona

Cook from Antequera. Depositary of forgotten flavors. Avid reader and "listener" of origins and details of old dishes. Self-taught. Preserves the identity character of Malaga's cuisine.


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