Avocado, mango, Andalusian sugar cane molasses and crispy sweet potato


For the avocado emulsion: 4 not very large avocados from Axarquia; 125 ml of Extra Virgin Olive Oil; 25 g of sugar; 1 teaspoon of Andalusian sugar cane molasses.
Cut the avocados into pieces, put it in the Thermomix (blender/mixer) and emulsify with the olive oil, the sugar and the Andalusian sugar cane molasses.

For the Andalusian sugar cane molasses gummies: 250 g of molasses; 250 ml of mineral water; 3 sheets of gelatin.
Mix, blend and bring to a boil and immediately remove and add the gelatin sheets. Pour into a tray and refrigerate to finally cut small squares.

For the mango sorbet: 3 ripe Morche mangoes; 250ml of neutral syrup (sugar dissolved in water).
Blend the pulp of the mangoes with the syrup in the Thermomix. Strain and pass through the sorbet maker. Reserve.

For the crispy sweet potato: 1 sweet potato; as required of water and sugar.
Cut the sweet potato with the slicer, pass each slice through a 50% syrup and dry in the oven or on the stove.

Plating: using the pastry bag, prepare a half sphere with the avocado emulsion, cut it with the crispy sweet potato and a small quenelle of mango sorbet. Place three Andalusian sugar cane molasses jellies and decorate and cool with mint leaves or, failing that, mint. It should be served very cold.

Sergio del Río

Chef from Malaga. He studied at La Cónsula and completed his training at Martín Berasategui Restaurant (3 Michelin Stars) and El Amparo Restaurant in Madrid. His cooking style is based on traditional cuisine with modern touches.


Born to offer its customers a modern cuisine through a bet in which Malaga tradition is combined with a touch of author.