Milk Chocolate bonbon with Andalusian sugar cane molasses


195 g of cream
100 g of Andalusian sugar cane molasses
580 g of milk chocolate (34% cocoa)
100 g of butter
30 g of water


Prepare bases of black or milk hazelnut gianduja (Italian chocolate hazelnut spread), adding 10% praline to soften them. Temper the chosen preparation and spread a thin layer on paper or acetate
Before it sets, cut strips 2 cm wide and on these bands the cooked Andalusian sugar cane molasses truffle will be placed, acting as the base.
Caramelize the Andalusian sugar cane molasses at 120 ºC and take off the heat to add the water and cream. Boil. Pour the caramel over the melted chocolate base and mix with encircling movements. When the cooked truffle is ready to pipe, fill a sleeve and pipe the first two lines and a third on top. Leave to set for 24 hours, cut and bathe with warmed milk chocolate. 

Cati Schiff

Caterer from Fuengirola. She began her professional career with her family at the now defunct La Hacienda Restaurant in Marbella, the first restaurant in Andalusia to obtain 1 Michelin Star.


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