Health benefits of sugarcane molasses

Currently, there is much research on the benefits of sugarcane molasses for people's health. Sugarcane honey is being analyzed and better known in order to recognize its nutritional value.

Health benefits:

•    Good for hair. Two tablespoons of sugarcane honey contains approximately 14% of the daily recommended amount of copper.

•    Safe sweetener. Cane syrup has a moderate glycemic load of 55, which makes it a substitute for sugar. Honeydew does not contain fat and only 32 calories, a suitable product for the person seeking to lose weight.

•    Laxative properties. Cane honey works as a natural stool softener, in addition to improving and regulating intestinal transit.

•    Rich in iron. People with anemia see the consumption of cane honey as very beneficial, since it contains 13.2% of iron that we need daily when consuming two tablespoons of honey.

•    High calcium and magnesium content. The consumption of two tablespoons of honey contains 11.7% calcium and 7.3% magnedium recommended amount per day. Helping both minerals to the growth and development of bones, in addition to preventing diseases such as osteoporosis or other diseases related to bones.

•    Additional mineral content. Minerals such as magnesium, potassium, vitamins B6 and selenium work as antioxidants.

Taking cane honey as an additional supplement is increasingly common among members of the population, with the intention of avoiding colds and getting energy in the morning just by boiling a cup of water and adding two tablespoons of cane honey.