Constipation? Fight it with cane honey

El Constipation is one of the most common problems within the population, due to the pace of life that we currently lead. Eating at odd hours, eating too much pre-cooked food or the stress we endure on a daily basis, causes the intestine to not function correctly.

The body is generating a certain amount of toxins, which if not expelled, can affect other vital organs, this will be the consequence that we will have if we cannot expel feces.

For every problem we have a solution, so in order to successfully obtain the results we want, we must change in lifestyle, and mainly, what and how we eat the products we ingest, in addition to giving movement to our body, such as taking a walk, running or practicing some sport.

In addition, you can obtain by consuming products that have laxative properties to help you achieve your goals. To do this, you can lean towards making your own home remedies at home.

One of the most effective homemade remedy is to combine cane syrup or molasses, with another ingredient, such as warm water, cayenne, apple cider vinegar or prune juice. One of the components of cane syrup is magnesium, a mineral that works as a laxative, hence, cane syrup is the key element for your home remedy that will help you with constipation problems.